“I want to make a game that everyone can enjoy, the whole world,” Bunnell says toward the end of the video, and with his contributions to Breath of the Wild, I’d say he’s done exactly that. According to the staff database site Kyoto Report, Bunnell joined Nintendo in 2014, the same year he graduated from Ritsumeikan.

Bunnell also appears to be in a picture taken of some of the game’s development team that began circulating recently after this year’s Game Developers Conference. The guy in the pink shirt toward the back left certainly looks a lot like Bunnell from the video above.


His brother, Justin Bunnell, also tweeted the news of his brother’s long journey earlier today, writing “It’s amazing that my brother Corey Bunnell is doing exactly what he wanted to do. Awesome work ya bum!”

Everyone always used to try and pretend that they had an uncle who worked for Nintendo, but Bunnell took his passion for the company’s work to the next level and set out to actually one day work there himself. Not everyone’s dreams come true, but some do. Remember that next time you’re bouncing around the hill of Hyrule hunting wild boars.