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Kansas City's Zack Greinke locked up Cy Young Award, as the American League's top pitcher, but he never gave much thought to his shot at the hardware. "I've been playing this World of Warcraft game," he told the hometown paper.


"The quote is classic Greinke - honest, surprising, funny - and probably as good a way as any for him to mark a day on a national stage," writes The Kansas City Star. It'll also boost his nerd appeal - already stratospheric, since he toils for a small-market franchise where statistical analysis is the only thing keeping a fan interested as the team approaches its inevitable mathematical elimination.

Unfortunately, the Star goes no further in sourcing out Greinke's online life. What class? What level? Has he done nothing but grind since season's end? Actually, considering who is his girlfriend, I hope the answer to that is yes.


Greinke Proves He's the Best in the Game [Kansas City Star, thanks mrlogical]

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