Amazon Unloading Wiis with Best Deal Yet

• Nintendo Wii console bundle (black or white) with Mario Kart and Wheel, and $20 Amazon Credit is $134.96, free ship from Amazon. Previous best deals were $150 with a $30 bonus at the end of July, and $130, no bonus at the end of August. [Dealzon]


Paradox me

Not a bad deal. I have about 12 games in my Wii library, only four of them published by Nintendo and all of 'em quality. At $250 I feel like I got my money's worth, and at $130 I'd almost call it a steal.

I know folks say the Wii has nothing but shovelware and casual games, but it's home to a handful of the best third party games this generation.

Still, that thing will probably be dirt cheap when the Wii U rolls out, so it'd probably be best to wait. Unless you're dying to play Skyward Sword, which you should be. :P

Edit- You could also hack it and support Nintendo of Europe, the branch of Nintendo that's seemingly competent this generation.