Unreal Engine 4 is capable of some great visuals, but it can't just come up with them by itself. For that, you need some talented individuals—like this seven-student group from Montreal's National Animation and Design Center.

The students' task was basically to design, model, and animate a chase scene in seven weeks. What they came up with is "God Left Me," a three-minute short in which a priest attempts to evade a demon by hiding in a cathedral. It doesn't really work out for him.

Apart from the music, everything was made by the students, and really, it's all quite brilliant if you can look past some awkward animations. In the project's Unreal Engine Forum post, the animator does acknowledge that there's "much room for improvement" in that area at least, but he also notes that they could achieve some really cool things in just seven weeks—plus, apparently, this was their first time with Unreal Engine 4.


Man. My uni group projects were all crappy classroom presentations, and these guys go and make this on their first try.

"God Left Me" [UE4 Forums]

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