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Alomomola Provides Great And Free Healthcare

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Alomomola!

Alomomola Details

Type: Water

Average Height: 3' 11”

Average Weight: 69.7 lbs

First Added In Generation V

Imagine for a moment you are an injured Pokemon and you are out in the open waters. Fear starts to fill your mind. This might be the end of whatever-you-are-in-this-scenario. But then, a pink fish floats up to you and heals you, while carrying you back to shore. You are relieved and happy, until you remember that some 8-year-old brat is about to stick you in a Pokeball. But in that brief moment, you felt happy, safe, and taken care of in your darkest time. And that pink fish was none other than Alomomola, the fishy ambulance of the Pokemon universe.


According to Pokedex entries found on Bulbapedia, Alomomola is a large, aquatic Pokemon that has a special membrane around its body. This membrane allows it to heal other Pokemon and their wounds. It uses this ability to heroically save any hurt or dying creatures it finds who are lost in its waters. It not only heals them, but it carries them back to the shore gently using its soft fins. How heroic and selfless!

Except Alomomola has a secret agenda for saving Pokemon. According to some Pokedex entries, Alomomola saves injured Pokemon because it’s worried that the dying creature might attract predators and those predators might attack Alomomola.


I guess this isn’t that bad. It could be a bigger asshole and just leave the creature to die, slowing down any predators. So this ambulance routine is still a nice gesture, considering the alternative. But a part of me wonders if Alomoloa is just stupid. If you are worried about injured Pokemon attracting deadly predators to your location, the last thing you should do is GRAB them and CARRY them away.

Heroes don’t have to be smart, just brave, or stupid.

Random Facts

  • It’s wild to think that random Pokemon who are hurt and floating around in the ocean have better healthcare than most Americans.
  • Maybe in the Pokemon universe, the people who have bad health insurance or no insurance just jump into the ocean when they are sick or hurt. Like, oh no, I sprained my ankle, time to go jump into the ocean and wait for a pink fish to save me.
  • According to Bulbapeida, this pink fish ambulance was the first non-Legendary Gen V Pokemon to appear in an episode of the anime. Good for you Alomomola!

Best Comment From Last Week!

“The gaps in the legs are my favorite thing about the design. It’s the special sauce that kicks an otherwise basic design into “intriguing...tell me more” territory.”


Just add gaps to all future Pokemon designs to make them more interesting! Got a boring bird Pokemon idea? Add a gap to it’s beak. Boring bug Pokemon design got you down? Add a gap to its body!


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Note: Sorry I missed last week! I was very busy playing and reviewing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Things should be back to normal for now.

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