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Alleged Palin-Autographed 360 Back on eBay

Illustration for article titled Alleged Palin-Autographed 360 Back on eBay

The PayPal, you see, she could not handle a payment of $1.1 million. That's why this Xbox 360 said to be autographed by Bayonetta Alaska's ex-governor was pulled from eBay. Not because eBay items at this price are usually b.s.


Seller David Morrill is hell-bent on getting his seven-figures for this Palin-autographed piece of hardware. After it was taken down in August, everyone said fake-fake-fakety-fake. Morrill, on the new listing, says it was taken down thanks to an "insufficient diescription of the item or no photos of the item," and then because "PayPal is unable to process a payment of this size." Which actually is good to know about PayPal.


So Morrill is back at it with a new payment processor. The console has been re-listed and is up for auction until Oct. 10, at a minimum bid of $1.1 million, which is upland territory usually handled by Christie's or Sotheby's.

As we said in August, this might be expecting a little much. $1.1 million would be a record for anything signed by a person still living at the time of its sale. Never mind this is the signature of a political one-hit wonder who just finished up a grueling four (4) months writing her memoir. Hell, I'm not even sure the advance on her memoir rises to the $1.1 million mark.

The 360 has a grand total of zero bids on it as of now. Surprise. Good luck with it, Dave.

Sarah Palin Signed Autograph XBOX 360 [eBay via Game Politics ]

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Asking $1.1 million for a console signed by a second-rate ex-governor of Alaska?

Honestly, how much more disconnected from reality can this seller be? Even limited editions signed by industry celebrities with custom casing don't go for half that much. A regular 360 with Palin's chicken scratch on it? And asking over a million for it? Give me a break.