'All You Need Is Love' Needs Only Two Days to Set Rock Band Record

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The combination of an iconic tune representing both a band and an era, sold to support a charity, helped the Beatles' "All You Need is Love' become the fastest-selling downloadable song in Rock Band history, two days after its release.


However, in the statement Microsoft released to announce the chart-topping feat, neither the specific number of downloads nor the amount its sale has raised for Doctors Without Borders was mentioned. "Tens of thousands of dollars," was as close as they got, and at least $17,600 of that came from the auction of a one-of-a-kind Beatles-themed 360. Microsoft said that the console's sale alone equates to 86,500 immunizations, or 15 days of drugs and medical supplies to help 2,800 people in a disaster's aftermath. The charity was personally designated by The Beatles' two survivors and the two widows of their deceased members.

"All You Need is Love" is 160 Microsoft points - two bucks, basically - and it's a 360 exclusive. The love continues, Microsoft said; proceeds from its sale will still go toward Doctors Without Borders, and buying the song enters you in a sweepstakes to win a Rickenbacker 325 replica guitar controller.

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onkel fritz

Fucking Microsoft. Usually I try not to hate on the seperate companies too much but if it is for fucking CHARITY you'd think that selling it on both consoles would raise a bit more eh? For the charity, that is. For cunt's sake.