All these Ubisoft games are connected, huh? We’ve seen that Assassin’s Creed is a game played in the world of Watch Dogs (and seems to co-exist in the same world as Watch Dogs). Now, in today’s new Division 2 prequel comic book, The Division: Extremis Malis, you can squint and see that people in that Ubisoft series also play Assassin’s Creed.  

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You can really go down the rabbid hole with Ubisoft games wondering if they’re all connected or just part of the same larger universe.

Just with AC and WD specifically. The AC universe established that Abstergo Entertainment is turning peoples past lives into video games for the mass public to play. AC4 had the boss of that branch travel to Chicago and I think Blume was even mentioned in a pamphlet. Then in Watch dogs one of the missions was to kill the Abstergo boss! WD2 had its own references to AC as well but I don’t think they were that in depth.
Then came AC Origins, in Layla’s laptop you can read emails and look at other stuff. Interestingly, it made mention of the boss that was killed by Aiden complete with a photo of the vigilante.

At first I thought it was just Ubisoft having fun with easter eggs from other titles but as of lately it seems like they’re more than that.