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All the Songs of Fallout 3

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A lawyer-mans in training who also writes a blog has been playing Fallout 3 instead of studying lately. The game's tinny, cheerfully haunting soundtrack coming in over the Pip Boy has bored into his mind, and likely yours, too, if you've spent anywhere close to 10 hours with the game. Every time "Way Back Home" comes on, I imagine my grandmother cutting vegetables in her kitchen with her beat up transistor radio on the sill. And a mushroom cloud in the distance. Kidding.


This law student reached out and compiled lyrics for all of the game's tracks, sung by Danny Kaye, Cole Porter, Billie Holliday and, of course, the Ink Spots (who sing the title song). The winning aspect of Fallout 3's setting - for me at least - is the vestigial homogeneity of its pre-war America lingering upon the total lawlessness of life out in the wastes. That's a sophisticated context you don't find in many other games, and the music is naturally a big part of that. Doesn't mean I'll be sticking this on my iPod's workout mix. But it is an excellently scored game.

Fallout 3 Song List [Legal Geekery]

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Yeah, after playing it for 70 hours so far, the songs have really stuck in my head. I am forced to listen to the Enclave radio most of the time because I am not near downtown DC, but that is okay, America, because President Eden had a dog named Honey.

Although, recently I just got the violin radio channel unlocked, so that is a bit different.