All The New World Of Warcraft: Legion Stuff

As Kotaku’s resident non-Final Fantasy MMO player, I pretty much have to play through World of Warcraft’s upcoming Legion expansion. You have a choice. Blizzard’s dropped a video covering all the major new places and things meant to help you make that choice come August 30.


Ten more levels, a new class with only 12 levels to gain (ugh), fresh raids, places to run through, weapons that’ll be nice until at least the next expansion comes out. Were I not obligated, I might be on the fence. What do you guys think?

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Got to hand it to Blizzard. Twelve years later and they manage to keep the game somewhat fresh. It’s rare enough to see an RPG survive with such a large fanbase for half that time period.

I’ve got a feeling I’ll buy this in the winter when we get about 100" of snow and play it until my house is no longer buried.