All the Bad Words You Can't Say in Pure

Meant to post this last week, forgot, sorry. Someone went rooting around through a PC copy of Pure and found what has been described as Disney's standard wirty-dord list.

If you crack up simply reading the word "boner" or "felch" or "gerbiling," this should provide hours of entertainment. Otherwise, while this filter seems of limited use in a game like Pure, it gives you insight into one of the more ... unusual tasks of game development. "Hi, great party. So, what do you do?" "Well, I'm responsible for inputting and updating the list of bad words you can't use in video games. Say, what's your opinion on 'hairpie'? One word or two? One word looks like 'harpie' to me. Have you tried the spinach dip in that breadbowl? Hey, where are you going?"

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