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All That Stranger Things Stuff In Dead By Daylight Is About To Vanish

Dead by Daylight’s Stranger Things DLC will be discounted before going away for good

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Well-dressed teenagers scream as an eldritch horror pops up behind them.
Image: Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight, the massively popular survival horror game released by Behaviour Interactive in 2016, is going to lose its various Stranger Things­­­­-themed content on November 17, the studio announced today. But not before all that Stranger Things DLC and such is marked down 50 percent for a last-chance sale.

Since launch, Dead by Daylight has become a melting pot for horror properties across gaming, television, and movies. Watching big booty Silent Hill mascot Pyramid Head hunt Halloween’s Laurie Strode through the Raccoon City Police Station from Resident Evil would have blown players’ minds just a few years ago, but is now just a regular sight in Dead by Daylight.


Netflix retro hit Stranger Things formed the basis of Dead by Daylight’s thirteenth chapter in September 2019. The campaign saw series protagonists Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington join the game as playable survivors, the Demogorgon’s arrival as a new killer, and the debut of a stage based on the underground complex that served as the setting for many of Stranger Things’ most climactic moments.

Dead by Daylight (YouTube)

“As with all live-service games, frequent updates, additions, and the occasional change are to be expected,” a Behaviour Interactive rep told Kotaku via email, repeating the studio’s official FAQ on the subject. “With Stranger Things, our focus continues to be ensuring the legacy of these characters within our game for fans who have purchased them or plan to do so.”


Nancy, Steve, and the Demogorgon will remain playable in Dead by Daylight for everyone who grabs them before November 17, but the Stranger Things level is sadly going the way of the dodo. Achievements related to the disappearing characters and stage are also planned to become generic goals, so as to avoid locking folks out of completing them.

Behaviour Interactive is currently dropping hints for the next Dead by Daylight chapter, which some fans believe point toward an upcoming Hellraiser crossover. Honestly, I’m surprised it took the devs this long to invite Pinhead and the rest of his hell crew to the party.