Aliens Invade the White House in This 10-Minute Saints Row IV Preview

Technically, the mansion where America’s chief executive lives is called the White Crib in Volition’s latest open-world action game. But, given that it gets blown up about two minutes into this preview of Saints Row IV, the new name doesn’t seem like that big a deal.

In the clip above, which originally debuted at E3, you’ll see the gangsta-turned-president get those superpowers and show off some new moves as he tries to repel an extraterrestrial invasion. That super-speed running looks like a lot of damn fun.

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I feel like SR has really become a gimmick. I think people gravitated to SR because GTA 4 was darker than they wanted. But SR has gone way overboard with the attempts at humor in becoming just outright gimmicky.

They have decided to make the SR series just a parody, rather than anything that can be taken seriously.