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Alien Breed Remake Coming In 2009

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Remember Alien Breed? It was an Amiga classic, later rolling up on the (DOS) PC. If you are unfamiliar, think Gauntlet, with a heavy dose of Aliens - space Marines battling wave after wave of slavering death, the usual deal. Well, remember it or no - it's coming back. Team 17 have confirmed to Videogaming247 that they are working on a remake for release next year. Quite how it will distinguish itself from all the other space-marine-battling-wave-after.. etc, games that have arrived since the early 90s — not to mention the officially licensed Aliens games — remains to be seen. It was fun at the time though, so maybe Team 17 still have a bit of the old magic left down the back of the action gaming sofa. Alien Breed confirmed for next year, logo released[VG247]