Not since the announcement of Yuke's Double D Dodgeball have we been so disappointed to see a developer take the high road in a sports video game. Agetec's upcoming Women's Volleyball Championship is regrettably classy, a harsh reminder that it may be a long time before we see another tasteless bikini-riddled volleyball title that can compete with Team Ninja's DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball in terms of trash.

The respectable PlayStation 2 sim ships to North America in August. We seriously doubt that vulgar camera angles or unreasonably skimpy beachwear will be added by then. An unfortunately tame press release is after the gallery.



Agetec's Definitive PlayStation®2 system Volleyball Game Releases in August

SUNNYVALE, CA – June 13, 2008 – Agetec, Inc. today announced its upcoming game, Women's Volleyball Championship, for the Sony PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. Women's Volleyball, which features six venues from around the world, will be released in August 2008, and promises to be the most accurate representation of the sport ever presented on a gaming console.

"Women's Volleyball brings the intense action of professional volleyball to the gaming community," said Spike. "Professional volleyball produces some of the best athletes in the world and it's high time someone introduced a great video game that reflects that."

Women's Volleyball is as fast-paced and grueling as the real thing, and perfectly captures the passion and excitement of the sport. Play as one of twelve countries battling their way to the top of the ranks, or create your own team of pros to take on the rest.

"A key feature in Women's Volleyball is players get a chance to create and train their own team. If players want their volleyball players to have certain qualities, this game allows them to customize their players to their liking," says Mark Johnson, producer at Agetec. "Another great feature of the game is that the volleyball players are affected by real life conditions like exhaustion and dominant hand, adding an unprecedented level of realism to the game."

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