Again With The PS2 Wii Remote Talk

Like a zombie you can't quite get in the head, rumours of a Wii Remote-type device for the PS2 just won't die off. Today, for example, we've got another one.

A Sony patent application has surfaced that details a variety of wireless input devices for controlling a PlayStation console, from a remote/wand device that slightly improves on current Wii Remote technology to smaller motion sensors that strap directly onto your fingers.


These devices are being associated with the PS2 because, well, there's a PS2 in the accompanying diagrams. But really, patent diagrams are just for show, so such a device could easily be for the PS3 (accompanying the PlayStation Eye, perhaps?).

Provided it ever turns up, that is. Remember: patents are filed for ideas. Some work and make it to market, most don't.

Sony Developing A Colorful LED Wand For The PS2? [Siliconera]

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