After Splosions Comes Comic Jumper

The makers of The Maw and Splosion Man announced their next game at PAX 2009: Comic Jumper, The Adventures of Captain Smiley. Watch the trailer and try not to laugh.

Twisted Pixel people aren't saying much about the game other than 1) It's so early in pre-production that there is no release date and 2) The game won't be like Comix Zone because, at the very least, it's about a hero who travels through several different kinds of comic books.

The official Twisted Pixel site may have more info about the game some day.

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dude.. i really dig twisted pixel.. this game looks awesome.. but i cant help but complain about some of their character designs.. i really didnt like how splosion man looked.. even though it was one of the coolest games ever, and i dont like the face of captain smiley. i get whats going on here, but it just aint appealing to me.

im only griping because i thought frank (from the maw) was one of the best character designs, and then splosion man was hit or miss. now a second time im feeling "eh" about the character.. still cant wait for this though.. these guys are on fire.