This Week in the Business: It (Doesn't) Print Money ...

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What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Nintendo continues to underperform even our very low expectations. However, it is more of a business failure than a product failure."—Analyst David Cole of DFC Intelligence, with other analysts, discussing what happened in 2013 and predicting what will happen in 2014.

QUOTE | "We expect Sony's PS4 to 'win' the next console generation."—Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter, on his expectations for the PS4, the Xbox One and the Wii U over the next three years.

STAT | $13.75 billion—Total game revenues for China in 2013, according to trade group GPC; 64.5% of that comes from client-based PC games, and 15% from browser-based games. Additionally, domestic Chinese developers made up the majority of revenue brought in for 2013.


STAT | Four—the number of top executives who've left Electronic Arts in just the past few days as co-founders from PopCap left followed by co-founders at Criterion, who are looking to form a new studio.

QUOTE | "We need to get back to the place where we used to be and not just in mobile. We have underinvested in new IP."—PopCap's John Vechey, taking over as new GM as co-founders Dave Roberts and Jason Kapalka leave, on PopCap creating more new games going forward.

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After reading a chunk of Analyst David Cole's article I came to the conclusion that these Analysts are a waste of space. He quotes random predictions you already see on forums and less than half of them are true in the end.

You can pull anything out of your ass, most of that stuff doesn't happen but somehow something does because of pure probability and you go and show everyone how good you're at predicting that the sun rises the next day.