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After Pac-Man, After Galaga, Namco Generations Gets Weird, Pervy Dancing Eyes for PS3

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What's next for Namco Bandai's smart, hi-def remake series, Namco Generations, after Pac-Man Championship Edition and Galaga Legions? Mappy? No. Dig Dug? Nope! Xevious? Not even close. How about that Namco classic Dancing Eyes, the video game that turns undressing virtual girls into a pervy puzzle? Err... OK!

Oddly enough, one of the next games announced for the Namco Generations series is a 1996 arcade game that never saw a home console version. Made for Namco's System 11 platform—which was based on PlayStation hardware—Dancing Eyes is an odd blend of arcade curiosities Amidar and Gals Panic. Players control a monkey who crawls across women's clothing with the goal of stripping them down to their unmentionables, rewarding players with a few seconds of virtual girl ogling.


This Namco Generations title is for the PlayStation 3 only and touts PlayStation Move support. The thrill of undressing Japanese school girls, French doctors and Italian businesswomen appears to be the game's major draw.


Namco has a Galaga Legions DX on the way, plus the already announced update to Metro Cross, known as Aero Cross, rounding out the Namco Generations line. That game is "coming soon" to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Our chances of getting Dancing Eyes outside of Japan? Well, we'll see about that.


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