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The next Pac-Man, called Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, looks great. It's another trippy, techno remix of a classic Namco arcade game. More are coming, the company revealed today. New Galaga and new Metro-Cross.

Galaga Legions DX will be the next Galaga, according to a company press release. Namco puts no date on it, but it appears to be a successor to the 2008 Galaga Legions, which was its own kind of trippy, techno remix to the classic Galaga formula.


Namco reports it is also making Aero-Cross, "a reimagining of Namco's 1985 arcade hit, Metro-Cross."

If you're like me and need a Metro-Cross reminder, here's what that game was:

Both Galaga Legions and the game that started this wave for Namco, Pac-Man Championship Edition, had started as Xbox 360 exclusives. That doesn't appear to be the pattern going forward. Namco's got the new Pac-Man coming to 360 this week and PlayStation 3 next week, downloadable for each platform. The company said today that this approach will continue under the Namco Generations banner and that more Namco franchises will get this update treatment.

Dig Dug DX, anyone?

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