After a "first draft" that put the brakes on most anything interesting, SimCity has published its policy on mods. It means they'll allow some building re-skinning and creation, like this rail station. No changes to gameplay. As for an offline mode? "We are still exploring" that, which is what they said in October, too.

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Honest question though, what's the state of the game like right now? Honest answers here. Anyone who plays/has played recently? I'm not talking about the connection stuff, but the state of the game and any updates. Last I checked(since no one talks about this game anymore) every update kept breaking things and then I just stopped hearing about it.

I've seen it on sale a couple of times and for the right price, I wouldn't mind messing around with it for awhile if it's not a broken piece of shit. I'm not a Sim City fan to begin with so I won't be all that upset over the smaller city sizes. I'm concerned with the functionality of the game right now.