Afro Samurai "Over Focus" Video Demo

These three videos show you the two types of power-ups in this hip-hop slasher. You've got the basic "In Focus" mode, which turns the cel-shading from color to black and white, slows time and gives you accurate swordplay—you can chop off different body parts. The "Over Focus" mode makes time practically stand still as you run around chopping the limbs off of multiple enemies. The rap soundtrack intensifies during these power-ups as well. I'm looking forward to spending some hands-on time with this game when it comes out early next year.

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@slyzxx786: Come back when your avatar isn't of fishcake the ninja wonderboy.

God forbid your Naruto be the only gaijin-marketed garbage to get a videogame. I didn't even LIKE Afro Samurai...but at least it didn't overstay its welcome by several YEARS.

Now, back on topic... I would say the game looks decent enough. At least they don't seem to have crapped all over the license.