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It's been a stressful past week or so at the house. Last week we had to put our 15-year-old Border Collie to sleep. Days later our 12-year-old greyhound stopped eating. Then she stopped getting up. Then she stopped walking.

We took her to the vet on Saturday and discovered she had lost 7 pounds. We took her to a specialist today and found she had lost three more pounds.


Running through the lengthening list of symptoms the specialist we took her to said that she's pretty sure Ellie has contracted leptospirosis. She's started the treatment on Ellie, but had to FEDEX the samples to a lab in Illinois to verify the diagnosis.

Then we were told leptospirosis is a zoonosis, a disease that can be transmitted from non-human animals to humans. And guess who has been pushing pills down Ellie's throat for the past week or so? Guess who also doesn't have a spleen?

I called our doctor and he's put Trish, Tristan and I all on preventative treatment for the disease just in case.

Ellie is spending the night in a Vet ER, hopefully she'll make a recovery. Fingers crossed.


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Sorry to hear your other dog is having problems as well now.

One possibility is that your dog is mourning the loss of the other. I've seen it happen before.

When we put down our German Shepard a few years back, my black lab started acting wacky. He didn't eat for awhile and ignored our commands. It was sad to see how affected he was by our other dog's passing.

I hope that is all your dog is going through. If not, I hope that she gets over leptospirosis soon.