When The Jonas Bros. Came To the Shopping Mall

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To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft

I don't even know who the Jonas Brothers are! But apparently, American teenage girls like them. Sorry, Disney bubble gum idols aren't exactly on my radar. Japanese idols, on the other hand...

Wait. Take that back. I do know who the Jonas Bros. are. Sorta. One of them did that horrible version of the Ponyo song. *shudder*

While I was in Dallas shopping at North Park Mall, the Louis Vuitton shop was closed to the public, because the Jonas Brothers wanted to go shopping. Pretty sure that when loads of celebrities go shopping, they just put on a baseball cap or wear sunglasses and, you know, go shopping like normal people. They don't need to close the whole shop and have cops stand out front in case the populous goes into a tizzy — though, shutting down a shop, drawing a crowd and having cops does cause people to go bananas. Walking into a shop like normal people does not.


The Jonas Brothers are superstars, I guess!

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ouch... that's totally gay. And I'm not talking about that "Chastity Ring" bullshit.

Also, some japanese idols can be very very annoying in public. I had a urge to bang my head to a wall after listening to パフューム(Perfume) girls chatting loudly at FES.