Actually, Piracy Can Be Pretty Hilarious

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Cheap, mysterious knock-offs of some of our favorite games sold overseas by evil pirates are always good for a little chuckle, but British Gaming Blog has compiled perhaps the most extensive collection I've ever seen of pirated game clone pics and anecdotes. Not like I see all that many heaps of "Pokemon Naranja carts, but this is pretty impressive.


Especially funny are the pirate "mega-carts," which can contain up to 52 pirated games in on a single cartridge, giving you a hilarious label list of names like "Pokemon Snoopy," "Play Spider," "Man Spider," "Nice Castelan" "Mr. Dr. Mario" and "Robot Dr. Mario."

Apparently Pokemon games are a pirate fave - sadly "Diamond and Jade" is not canon. One knockoff even features Meowth singing an evil version of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On". You can't make this stuff up:

The game revolves around beating enemy critters and collecting their phone number. The original idea from Telefang is a little bizarre as it stands, but the hackers decided to replace the call for aid with small talk between the protagonist and his collection of monsters.

The boxes were thrown together in typical pirate fashion with an image from Miyazaki's anime "Princess Mononoke" as a sample monster. While a large number of the cartridges are filled with game crashing bugs, and despite the subpar translation, Pokemon Diamond and Jade are at least playable and the only way to play these Pseudomon clones in English.


Bizarre Bootlegs - The Lighter Side of Piracy [British Gaming Blog]

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2K2 Monster. Man, I'm sick of these yearly sequels that are nothing more than roster updates.