Activision Wants To Make A Dance Hero Out Of You

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Back in 2008, Activision applied for a trademark for a game called Dance Hero. Then...we all forgot about it. Now, it seems, the publisher might actually be releasing the thing.


While the world was busy lamenting (or celebrating) the demise of the Guitar and DJ Hero franchises, Activision seems intent to carry on and release at least one new musical game, as Kotaku has learned that work is finally underway on a new franchise, called, yes, Dance Hero.

Some of the songs we've heard have been slated (at least at this stage) for inclusion with the game include:

"2012" by Jay Sean (feat Nicki Minaj)
"Out Of Space" by The Prodigy.
"The Way I Are" by Timbaland (feat Keri Hilson and D.O.E.)
"Take Over Control" by Afrojack (feat Evan Simon)

While we don't yet know what platforms the game would be appearing on, nor which studio is developing, we'd wager that between the PlayStation Move, Kinect and Wii Remote there's enough motion control there for at least three versions of the game. This is Activision we're talking about, after all!

Kotaku has contacted Activision for confirmation and further comment, and will update if we hear back.


Floodland: In 1959

Wait, so they axed DJ and Guitar but chose to press on with THIS? Aren't there more mainstream dance-based games than instrument-based already? Genuine question.