Activision, Twistory Unravel Time With Singularity Graphic Novel

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The Comic-Con comic book news explosion continues, as Activision and Twistory announce plans for a graphic novel based on the upcoming time-twisting shooter Singularity.


The Singularity graphic novel will tell the story of the mysterious events off of the Russian Peninsula that resulted in the unraveling of time, which is the main focus of the game itself. Activision and Twistory have tagged some top-notch talent to work on the book, with David Atchinson (Occult Times Taskforce) and Christopher Morrison (Dust, 13 Chambers) on writing duties, while Davide Fabbri (Dark Horse's Star Wars) and Tom Mandrake (Batman, The Punisher) draw the pretty pictures to go along with the words. The single-issue graphic novel will debut shortly following the game's release in May 2010.

Of course it wouldn't be a Comic-Con announcement without a signing announcement, and this is indeed a Comic-Con announcement. Atchinson, Fabbri and Morrison will be at Activision's booth #5001 for autographs and photographs at various times throughout the show.


This show must drive autograph hounds absolutely insane.

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Graphic novel? Are they going to change the name to graphic novel-con?