Activision Threatens 600 UK Jobs Over Loss of Tax Breaks

Activision's so incensed over the United Kingdom's rollback of promised tax breaks for video games development that the publisher is considering the withdrawal of its 600-employee office from the country, according to The Telegraph.

Though tax relief proposals had support from both the Conservative and Liberal Democrat leadership in Parliament, the plans were scrapped in June when the chancellor of the exchequer implemented an emergency budget plan. Bobby Kotick, Activision's chief executive, called the decision "a terrible mistake.


"There are so many other places that are encouraging the video games industry," he said, according to The Telegraph.

Kotick noted that despite the development talent pool in the U.K., China and Singapore are joined by U.S. states like Texas and Rhode Island in offering incentives to the games industry. The British trade group TIGA notes that the country could see a brain drain in its development population if more isn't done to retain the business. TIGA figures tax breaks would translate to 3,550 high level jobs.

Call of Duty Maker Activision Blizzard Could Quit UK Over 'Terrible Mistake' on Video Game Tax [The Telegraph, thanks Euan C.]

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