Activision Predict 2009 Console Sales

Step aside, analysts and amateur crystal ball-gazers! Continuing a trend set by Microsoft, Activision have decided to start throwing console guesstimates around, taking a swing this morning at guessing console sales for 2009.


So just what does Activision boss Bobby Kotick see when he gazes into his crystal ball? All was revealed as part of the company's earnings conference call earlier today.

He sees 8 million Xbox 360's being sold in North America and Europe combined. He sees...8 million PlayStation 3's being sold. Convenient! And towering over both is the Wii, which the company thinks will sell a further 16 million for the year.

Combined with a forecast 21 million handheld sales - which they declined to divide between DS and PSP - that's a lot of consoles. A lot of consoles to release Guitar Hero and Call of Duty on.

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