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The PlayStation 3 will get a price drop in 2009. It just has to if Sony wants the console to keep up, install base-wise. Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg agrees and expects a cheaper PS3 within months.


He tells Edge Online that Microsoft is planning on its console competition becoming more price competitive in 2009. Not really his call, obviously, but failing to plan means planning to fail, right?

"We absolutely expect the PS3 price drop to happen in the next couple of months," Greenberg said, following recent Microsoft sales boasting. "We're frankly surprised it's taken this long. I would expect they'd have to move on price, sooner than later, for sure."


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves disagrees. He says not to expect a price cut this Spring, sticking to the "value added" thing. With PlayStation 3s reportedly getting cheaper to make, we'd expect it sooner rather than later — "no plans" notwithstanding.

MS: 360 Life-to-Date Sales Hit 28m [Edge Online]

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