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Executives from Activision are dishing dirt on the company's upcoming releases at an in-game advertising summit hosted by Massive. That means more Call of Duty, more James Bond and confirmation on Tony Hawk's reinvented controls.


And while new entries in the Call of Duty series is a given, as is further exploitation of the Bond license — this time, by Bizarre Creations — the fact that you're "not going to be playing Tony Hawk [with] a controller in your hands" will probably come as a surprise to some gamers who haven't been keeping up. Let's just hope whoever is at the helm improves upon what Skate It did.


Newsweek blogger/griot N'Gai Croal is twittering like a man possessed at the Massive summit, reporting that the next Call of Duty, back in Infinity Ward's hands again, will hit Fall of 2009.

Activision-published siblings Bizarre Creations are said to be "working on 3rd person Bond game for 2009" that's "racing and driving focused" as well as a second racing game described as "Mario Kart meets Forza." The former project jibes with a rumor from last December, so we'd expect this one has been in development for a significant period.


Little of that will probably come as a surprise to anyone following the Activision development hamster wheel, but it's good to know that the wholly owned Bizarre isn't just sitting on its hands. We'll be keeping an eye on N'Gai's Blackberry fingering for those sweet nuggets of info.

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