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Activision Bigs Get Big Bonuses

Activision had a banner fiscal year, reporting a record $2.90 billion in revenue in March 2008. Generally such victories are credited to a company's executive steerage, and for meeting (or, in this case, exceeding) their benchmarks, it's common for execs to get bonuses. So how much does Activision chairman and CEO Bobby Kotick get?

An SEC filing revealed all:

The company's board just approved a $3,079,798 bonus for Kotick, and co-chairman Brian Kelly took home $2,996,556. They had to earn those bonuses, of course, by completing certain benchmarks for the company - Kotick and Kelly were allowed to pass on two of those, though, because they would have been "impractical and inadvisable" in light of Activision's pending combination with Vivendi.


The ones they were allowed to skip were "weighted," by the board, against the other ones, and Kotick and Kelly were found to have "exceeded target" as far as acquiring assets (yeah, scoring Blizzard is not a bad get) and developing the company's business franchises - franchises strong enough that they recently wrapped their best fourth quarter ever even without releasing new titles during that quarter.

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