Activision Bets on DJ Hero To Hit Younger Audience

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Activision hopes that their upcoming DJ rhythm game DJ Hero will expand their Guitar Hero franchise to a much broader audience, according to Activision CFO Thomas Tippl.


"We continue to add additional legs to the Guitar Hero franchise with the launch of DJ Hero," Tippl told a gathering at the Wedbush Morgan Securities annual meeting. "What that allows us to do is come up with a very innovative product that allows us to sell a software product plus a hardware product as a bundle so that should be good for our average selling prices. But it also allows us to bring in new users to the music genre. Because it is a different kind of music for a different kind of gamer. So we hope to broaden the base there."

Tippl also said that Activision has been having many discussions with Universal Music Group about DJ Hero and how the game developer and publisher get the best content for their game.

"That's why we are excited about DJ Hero, it gets us more opportunity for contemporary music, it probably skews younger than rock songs," Tippl said.

While Tippl didn't go into details about the music selection, the sources who helped us break the DJ Hero story said they will include mash-ups and that the cooperation of Universal Music Group is the only way the game could exist in its current format.

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I find it strange that Konami/Bemani seems content to let Activision take over the territory that they made popular.

Sure it may be too late to take on the Guitar Hero series with their own guitar freaks, but surely they saw the potential of giving Beatmania another chance? It'd be great to see them release it before DJ Hero and stop Activision in their tracks.