Ace Attorney 5 Announced for Japan—Will It Go West?

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Capcom dropped a bomb today, announcing in Japan that Gyakuten Saiban 5 will be made. Known in the west as Ace Attorney, this is cause for joy among fans of the courtroom adventure series, but international release plans are unconfirmed.


While Ace Attorney has been solidly successful in the West despite (or perhaps thanks to) its unusual premise, not all games in the series have released outside Japan. Ace Attorney Investigations 2 is one such title.

Capcom also announced that the first three games in the Ace Attorney series will get high-definition re-releases on iOS and Android devices but, again, made no mention of international release plans for these versions.

『逆転裁判5』制作決定――『逆転』シリーズ10周年特別イベントで明らかに [Famitsu. h/t Andrew Freedman]



Capcom, I swear to god, if you don't follow through on this one...


I'm still pissed off about Ace Attorney Investigations 2. Capcom has apparently decided they don't like fans or money.