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Accessing Mass Effect DLC Is Kind Of A Pain

Illustration for article titled Accessing Mass Effect DLC Is Kind Of A Pain

BioWare's recent announcement of Mass Effect DLC has plenty of us frothing at the...mouths, but MTV points out that there's a pretty large catch to accessing the 90 new minutes of combat. To partake, the update may require your character to be reset back to the beginning of the game UPDATE: In the case that you are past the point of being able to access the galactic map. Players who are far in the game may need to restart and play through all of the Citadel storyline until they again reach the Normandy. Sure, speedy players can get through this content in about 30 minutes (while for others it could take an hour+), but most of us would probably prefer a more directly accessible option. What do you think? Did BioWare screw up here? Or are RPG players used to wasting their time?

'Mass Effect' DLC Requires A Spaceship, A Couple Of Hours Of Player Progress [MTVMultiplayer]


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