If a modified Pelican case was the mother of Switch protectors, then this ornate, leather bag is the mother of all Zelda-inspired Nintendo Switch cases.

Created by Etsy user Ian Finch-Field for his SkinzNhydez storefront, the made to order carrying case is large enough to fit a Switch with both Joy-Con still attached and comes with a compartment on the back to fit the charger and a small game collection. Itā€™s a combination of tanned leather and brass rivets antiqued with dyes and finishers that leaves it looking equal parts well-worn traveling companion and 21st century kitsch.

Thereā€™s even suede and sheepā€™s wool on the inside to keep your device snug and unscathed. And of course there are plenty of insignia etched into the leather, because no Zelda-themed carrying case would complete without strange hieroglyphics that will leave strangers on the subway scratching their heads (the little ocarina in the bottom left corner on the front is a nice little touch).


As far as video game accessories go, itā€™s pretty snazzy and even gives the more modern Waterfield cases a run for their money in terms of high-quality look and feel. Of course, those materials and rustic aesthetic donā€™t come cheap, with the case currently being sold for just over $200.