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Sony Gets Federal Court to Temporarily Block Sale Of PS3 Modchips [Update]
Comment by: newmark5
Nominated by: UsernameOfTheDead


Sony has to do this, everyday it breaks my heart when I walk down the street and I see a homeless Sony employee or some other developer who was put on the street from piracy.

Forget that some people actually use moded consoles to play homebrew, anyone who has a modded console is a pirate. We know its true, because we all are aware that its ok to paint people with broad strokes, nothing bad has ever come from that and its always 100% accurate.

We all know anyone who didn't rip out the record button from their VCR back in the day was a dirty pirate scum. Back in the 90s as a test, I recorded a Montreal Expos baseball game without the written consent of Major League Baseball ... and we all know what happend then. The team went bye bye. I'm so sorry :(

When will we learn!

VCRs destroyed television networks from earning a living.

Photocopiers destroyed the publishing industry ... man I miss books.

CD burners turned countless musican's homelesss.

DVD burners caused the great earthquake that destroyed Hollywood. Movies are now just a memory.

And torrents and mod chips have taken our games from us. OHH Sony you are gamers only hope to save us from nasty nasty pirates.

I heard once you install a mod chip it removes a game from circulation so a sale can no longer be made, withdrawals money from the developers bank account, sends someone over to literally slap the food out of a their mouth, and then it kicks a baby.

I am with my fellow posters, I denounce the use of mod chips, anyone who uses them should be shot for they will destroy the industry like the devices I listed above.

Now let us go out and get some oil for out chastity belts and tin foil hats.

No One Has Ever Been This Excited By Time Traveler
Comment by: McMasters
Nominated by: Komrade Kayce

Bull. I was that excited.


Okay, check it - I am eight or nine years old, and TT is at my local arcade. I get good at it, and considering it was like seventy-five cents a play, that is no mean feat. After weeks of playing every week, I get to Blue Ninja, and die, and have to go home.

I show up the next day, and it is gone. My scribbled notes, my memorization, all for nothing.

Fast forward almost twenty years.

I am reading a local paper about some video game thing at the local museum, and I see a toilet-bowl shaped game in the back of a pic that tickles my memory.

Time Traveler. It has returned.

I go that day, just as they close, and get to play it. It all flows back to me, but I lose like a chump. I notice that the right on the joystick is a little loose, and I look around at the little bastards hanging full weight on the joysticks, banging on the consoles, and probably defecating in the coin slots.

The barbarian children of Rochester are destroying these games. Later that day, a 3d shape has gone missing from the backlit area of the console - the game itself is dying to them. You'll even see that in the picture - note how in the back of the game, in the darkness, there's no fluorescent-looking styrofoamy things.

Those are due to little shits, risen by trolls, and released into the world.

I immediately take the entire week off, and go to the museum every morning, at open, with fifty bucks, and proceed to math the HELL out of that game. I get to know most of the people there, the guy who ran it, the ladies at the lunch counter (where I would compress my notes into hard-core, tested info), as the game slowly dies to the use of infidels. As the place closes for the night, I bid them adieu, to return the next morning.

Then, three days later, I get to the last level - which is the first level that penalizes early movement. I crack under pressure, and lose. it takes the rest of the day to get there, but I finally beat that son of a bitch, and take a picture.

I tape a copy of the how-to-win-path notes on the side of the console, hand about forty dollars in credits to a mom who had well behaved children and was playing a star wars game, came home, and put the FAQ directly on GameFAQs. ( [www.gamefaqs.com] )

I had beaten a game that has haunted me for two decades. I had me a victory milkshake on the way home, and you know what?

That milkshake tasted like victory

Gears of War: Anvil Gate Novel Tells the Story Before Gears 3
Comment by: Kolian
Nominated by: hutch_a_butch

"SHIT... I'm facing an existential crisis."

"Da-yum son, that shit be a blight on the desolate landscape of postmodernity dawg! Cole-Train! Wooooo!"

"Cole, if you don't shut the hell up I'm gonna engage in a lifelong unspoken resentment so subtle it makes 'Of Mice and Men' look like 'The Grapes of Wrath' ".

"Nah man, it's just a thang! It's like, the horror, right?"

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I nominate Kolian for writing the Gears novel.

I will team up with him as co-author when we go on to work on the tie-in novel for Shank, and Minesweeper.