Sony Gets Federal Court to Temporarily Block Sale Of PS3 Modchips [Update]

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Yesterday, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia was granted a temporary injunction by the nation's Federal Court to block the importation and sale of the new PS3 modchips.


The injunction means that until August 31, none of the modchip's Australian distributors will be able to import, sell or otherwise offload the devices. What's more, they have to take all the stock they already have and leave them with Sony's solicitors until the August 31 deadline passes.

Sony has from now until August 31 to convince the courts that the injunction becomes a more permanent arrangement (temporary injunctions are designed to maintain the "status quo" until a matter can be settled). If they succeed, it'll mean the end of legal sales of the device in Australia, but if they fail, then once September 1 rolls around the chips will be able to go on sale.

This is an interesting development, since a 2005 Supreme Court ruling determined that the sale of modchips was legal in Australia (though Nintendo was recently successful in banning the R4). We've contacted Sony to see how they managed to get around this, and will update if we hear back.

UPDATE - Sony Computer Entertainment has provided the following statement to Kotaku:

We will not be providing further commentary with regards to this case; however, as we always have we will continue to take necessary actions from both hardware and software to protect the intellectual property of the content offered on the PS3 system.


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Okay who's going to use this thing for Piracy? If you are, I like you!


Because you are being transparent with your (horrible horrible) plans.

Now, Who thinks this device is the worst thing to happen to the PS3? If you do, I like you!


Because you understand all the reasons it is complete bullshit to want this thing and the harm it can do to the PS3's ecosystem.

And third, who wants this thing to make backups? You are a fucking liar and deserve no respect.


Blu-Ray discs come with a coating literally called "Super-Hard" that makes them nearly indestructible. There is no need to back them up since they are already made of very high quality material.

My little cousin used Valkyria Chronicles as a frisbee for a few hours out side and I was livid. Turns out that the disc was in perfect condition and played just dandy.

You'd have to be taking a sand-blaster to the disc for there to be any harm.