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Crysis 2 Nano Edition Is Big, Official, For 'The Ultimate Crysis Fan'
Comment by: Taggart451
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I don't think even Crysis 2 could run Crysis 1.

Hey - Why Aren't There Any Ladders In Fallout?
Comment by: SG-17
Nomination by: D-K


Shoot, no ladders

Aeris Is Dead, Get Over It Already
Comment by: -Silver-
Nomination by: lutz

Cloud? Hollow? The main character who at first is seemingly the archetypical hero. First class Soldier. The most elite fighting unit in the world. The guy who achieved all his childhood dreams and is hell-bent on saving the world from his old partner.

Several mental breakdowns later and you realize it's all a lie. He was average at best. He under-achieved. He couldn't cope with the stress and the pressure. He couldn't deal with the shame of returning to his hometown as a run-of-the-mill soldier after all his tough talk, and so ended up lying to himself and imagining a history and a life that better suited his childhood ambitions and expectations. When he realizes this, he gives in. He throws in the towel, accepts madness, and gives his enemy everything he needs to transform the planet into a cosmic-travelling rock.

But you know Cloud has it in him to succeed. You know he can fight back. You've been with him this far and seen what he can do when he believes. You're faith is shaken momentarily but as the player you get to turn him around. You keep him fighting even after he's realized the truth about his lies, and that moment when Cloud finally accepts responsibility and truly believes in himself for the first time since his childhood... that's an amazingly profound moment in gaming for me.

How often do games create main characters as screwed up as that? Sadly, the typical hero is exactly that. Typical. A knight in shining armour type of guy. Perhaps Kaim's character was also Lost Odyssey's saving grace. Anyway, you're entitled to your own opinions of course, but it really is a shame if you missed the complexity of Cloud's character. And that's just ONE of the game's cast!

Rumor: Borderlands Studio Reviving Duke Nukem Forever
Comment by: A.W.E.S.O.M.-O
Nomination by: jonincambridge

You know how when your girlfriend dumps you and for like six months you pine and sulk and obsess over that "friend" she's hanging out with, but then one day as you're going to bed, you realize you haven't thought about her all day and you genuinely don't care what she does anymore? That's sort of where I am right now with DNF.


Aeris Is Dead, Get Over It Already
Comment by: wohdin
Nomination by: Faux Bravo

Aeris dies, L dies, Spike dies, Neo dies, Trinity dies, Jack Sparrow dies, Obi-wan dies, Qui-gon dies, Yoda dies, Padme dies, Boromir dies, Gandalf dies, Everyone in Evangelion turns into orange juice, Bambi's mom dies, every major character in FF Tactics dies, Krillin dies, Chaozu dies, Yamcha dies, Vegeta dies, Piccolo dies, Goku dies, Goku dies again, Goku dies again, Goku dies again for real this time, and then dies AGAIN, Tellah dies, Mariko dies, Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father, Soylent Green is People, Bruce Willis is a ghost, Princess Leia is Luke's sister, Winston gets reprogrammed, they find Nemo, they all went to the same daycare, Rosebud is his sled, Wander dies and is reborn fused with the dormin, Gretchen dies, Donnie goes back in time so he can get killed by the falling plane engine, Macmurphy gets lobotomized and is killed by Chief, Alex is "cured", You Just Lost The Game, The Planet Of The Apes is Earth in the future, Tyler Durden and Edward Norton's character are the same person, Mercutio dies, Romeo dies, Juliet dies, Caesar dies, Hamlet dies, Tony Almeida dies, Deckard is a Replicant, the boy shoots Ol' Yeller, one of the gay cowboys dies, the black guy dies first, Rocky loses, Rocky wins, Rocky loses, Rocky wins, Rocky wins, Rocky wins, Redrum is Murder spelled backwards, Willard kills Kurtz, Rocky loses, then wins, Scarface dies, Jesus dies for our sins, Spock dies, W.O.P.R. was just playing a game, the wizard is the Gatekeeper, They never find the Grail, Simon and Piggy die, Jay Gatsby dies, the answer is 42, all 300 Spartans die, 28 Weeks Later everyone's still screwed, Jason lives, and Snape kills Dumbledore who is gay.


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