Hey — Why Aren't There Any Ladders In Fallout?

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Answer: "We're game development pussies," Bethesda's Todd Howard said at a QuakeCon panel on Friday. No really, the engine in Fallout and Elder Scrolls runs into AI problems if ladders are introduced, and the developer just works around them.


"One day, we tried to figure out why we wanted ladders so bad because we don't really need them," Howard told the panel, according to IGN. "It just felt like we're game development pussies because we can't do ladders."

Howard indicated the studio's revisited the subject repeatedly but finds it couldn't do them without fading to a loading screen. Considering that's the S.O.P. for most exterior doors in Fallout, introducing load screens to the interior of a structure just to take a ladder is kind of silly, especially if you can use stairs.


Why There Are No Ladders in Fallout [IGN]

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So does that make Ion Storm development pussies for not including water in Deus Ex: Invisible War?


I mean, sure, FPS games have gotten away from water since the days of Half-Life 1, but Deus Ex 1 had an entire swimming skill, so if you really wanted you could go all Navy SEAL and find an aquatic insertion point for a mission.

Invisible War has no water to speak of, at any point in the game. Even on the last level, WHICH IS SET ON AN ISLAND. The excuse is that JC Denton has magic ice powers and can just generate cold, so he freezes all of the water surrounding the island.

How convenient.