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Yoshi: Behind The Dinosaur
Comment by: p.e.r.e.g.r.i.n.e.
Nominated by: Erwin

Oh! Yoshi's Safari!

*drives to parents house*

*Rummages through boxes in garage*

*Finds old snes games*

*digs for still longer to find super scope*

*sets up the system and puts in the game*

*gets killed by hammer bro several times before giving up*

*drives home*

*loads up ZSNES and Yoshis_SAFARI.sfc*

*beats the game in 45 minutes*

I always loved that game!

Designer Glasses Help Lower The 3D Dork Factor
Comment by: Curse lily
Nominated by: oldschool.fuss

It might lower the dork factor, but your douchebag factor will gain a +10% bonus every 1.145 sec as long as you wear them though.


An Hour Of Sid Meier Brilliance, Including His Surprise Guitar Hero Regret
Comment by: BryanH
Nominated by: Gruntybreath

Welcome to Sid Meier's Guitar Hero, where you compete to build your musical empire against other musical Icons! Please select your starting Genre and Icon.

You have selected: Gangsta Rap - Dr. Dre.

Welcome to your home city, Compton. There are four methods of victory: Hall of Fame, Producer, Crossover into Acting, or Achieve Space Travel.

Which Area of Expertise would you like to study first?
-Rhyming (Leads To: Phat Beats)
-Live Performance (Leads To: Groupies, Hotel Room Destruction.)
-Metal (Leads To: Hair Metal, Satanic Religion, Agriculture)
-Boy Band (Leads To: Regret, Herpes)

I'll stop now, sorry.

If Kafka Were a Game Designer...
Comment by: Nawara_Ven
Nominated by: nipsen

On a related note, designs have been recently unearthed for Samuel Beckett's game, "Aftergaam".

It's an FPS with no ammo pickups and no way to exit the one multiplayer map unless 3 players join at once, but every time another player joins the one that has been there the longest is booted out.

If you press start then it skips the entire game to the end credits, which are brief and also skippable.

Game Boy Used In High School Bomb Scare
Comment by: Pheermee
Nominated by: cokefan999

Student: Somebody set up us the bomb.

Principal: Main screen turn on.

Lars O'Mara: All your school are belong to us.

Lars O'Mara: You have no chance to survive make your time.

Police: For great justice!

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