Kotaku Off Topic: Straight Into Compton
Comment by: legendnthemaking
Nominated by: cokefan999

Today me and the wife moved into first house. It was a long wait but its finally ours. Tomorrow, we celebrate 5 years of marriage and we knew each other since we were 10 and been a couple since we was 12.

I remember the nights and sleep overs when we were kids playing Gunstar Heroes and she stayed up with me to beat Earthbound and after seeing Gigyas, we both had our first kiss.

Today, she grabbed me and said she had a surprise for me. I thought something else ;D but anyway...she covered my eyes and led me into the front room where she had this theme playing. But it wasn't on a computer but on my SNES. My mouth was open as I looked at the system.

She bought me Earthbound.

With the box.

You probably are thinking "geez whats so special about receiving a game?"

It isn't just about the game itself but what it means. She knew what it meant to me and how it hurt when it was lost a few years ago.

The game means a lot to me because of not only the symbol of when I met the love of my life but my grandparents and mom who are now gone. I received this game as a birthday gift. Its emotional to me. Thats why I love the game so much. It brings me back to a wonderful part of my life and reminds me of the people I love so much that are not with me.

I've been lucky to have a sexy, sweet wonderful mamacita who loves games and life as much as I do.

Thank you Shigesato Itoi for giving me such an important part of my childhood.

Vanessa, thank you for being in my life and I hope to spend many more years with you. This home is for you.
I love you baby.


BioWare Responds to Self-Censorship Charge on Mass Effect 2 Sex
Comment by: CosbyTheKinky
Nominated by: puresewas1de


I was with them until they said gaming was a dictatorship - while Bioware games definitely sell, developers of all types need to listen to their gamers and adapt to what they want if they hope to continue to survive.

By all means, put in or omit what you want - but please realise that without the money we put into games that meet our needs, you can't sustain yourselves.

That said, I mean generally. A sex scene with alien tits isn't exactly what's going to sell me on a game.


EA: "Something Far-Reaching Coming From Mass Effect" In 2011
Comment by: Jonny Sanger
Nominated by:

Mass Effect Kart Racer!

- Make friends (and enemies!) on the plethora of WACKY TRACKS!

- Take in the ENTIRETY of Beautiful Illium, as you speed over balcony, corridor, and then balcony again!

- Gasp in WONDER at the mighty citadel, as you cruise through both a crummy mall, a parking bay, and that old favourite, a balcony!

- Revel in the RPG-lite elements as 'power-ups' add to your characters arsenal, without stopping the ACTION!

- Find new bonus tracks on other planets using the awesome, realistically pedestrian, TRACK SCANNER!

- Do your best to tire out your rivals, by bombarding them with AWKWARD SEXUAL ADVANCES! lets see you ride a bike after THAT, missy!

- Have a HOOT with the new form-a-party mode! 50 minutes of populating the character select screen, followed by 5 awesome minutes of full on RACING!

- But above all race HARD! driven by the knowledge that you are the last of your kind, as the lack of children ANYWHERE would suggest!

It's Not The Size Of Your Sword...Okay, It's The Size Of Your Sword
Comment by: cfive3
Nominated by: Kanji08

So, does the hero store his items in a sack full of pride?

Aliens Vs. Predator Multiplayer Demo For Everybody
Comment by: amcog
Nominated by: exion


Is a man not entitled to the head on his shoulder?

No, says the colonial marine; it belongs to the corps.
No, says the cloaked predator; it belongs on his spear.
No, says the aliens crawling on the walls around you; it belongs to the hive!


Civilization: Network Will Be Playable This June
Comment by: Decoy_Doctorpus
Nominated by: Kanji08

Gandhi wants to be your friend.

Gandhi demands technology.

Gandhi has joined a group.

Gandhi has just destroyed your nation in a nuclear holocaust.

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