Civilization: Network Will Be Playable This June

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While there's trepidation amongst many gamers as to the potential for "proper" Facebook games, there's one series that was born for the social network platform: Civilization. Which is coming to Facebook, and whose beta will open in five month's time.


Civilization publisher Take Two has told Variety that the game's open beta, which for an online/Facebook game may as well be its release date, will be "sometime in June".


Bosses of the world, you thus have five months to get yourselves ready, and filter/ban anything on the work network that involves "Facebook" and "Civilization".

Facebook won't be Civ-ilized for a little while yet [Variety]

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I don't understand why they can't/don't port the original Civ over to BB or iPhone. That game fits on a floppy, and I've put over 1000 hours into that. I can totally see burning thru a few batteries on Civ alone. Catan itself can drain the battery after about 10 games.