Heavy Rain's First Nine Minutes Hit The Shower, Down Some OJ
Comment by: evolutionman
Nominated by: Donutta

You know, watching this, I have this gut feeling
that this will be the game that destroys video games.

I look at it, and I think "Pfft, that's just getting me to push buttons at the right time."

Then I think of Boom Boom Rocket of DDR. Parappa the Rapper, even.

Then it's not much of a stretch to realise that all games are making you press buttons at the right time. They're just not as blatant as Heavy Rain or DDR.

Then you realise how futile and, really, uninvolved the whole experience is. You are basically pushing X to experience someone else's vision. Why, then, don't you just go watch a movie or read a book?

David Crane proclaims that a new term will be needed to describe this game, but in fact I just think he's trying to hide the fact that this really just exposes games for what they are.

We should have seen it as Ground Zero Texas... but then who, apart from me, had this misfortune of playing that, ahem, game?


The Lost Characters of Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom
Comment by: pressstart
Nominated by: BryanH

Because you can never, EVER, take the dev/pub/corp employee's word for it. It's all PR spin. That's how the internet people justify all the hate they have for DLC, you know. And whatever they don't like.

That said, I'm more optimistic and just accept what they say, because it's not worth blowing a vein over. Or naive, your choice :)

No Wii For The Kids: Hidden Costs Compel Console Return
Comment by: TylDurden
Nominated by: Sacré bleu: Home streach

I think it was a great article and applaud the writer for making the right decision. He even admitted to failure to fully research his purchase and seems to be a very good father. My 4 year old daughter is a spoiled brat and I'm sure my allowing her access to any movie, song or video game she wants has a lot to do with that (I'm a torrent whore)(she has her own DS, my old fat model, and the Wii is primarily hers cause I sure as hell don't play it). Maybe if I just limited her TV time, spent a little more time with her outside, or reading books. As it is I am one of those shut ins he is talking about. Sure the family and I visit family, sure we visit other couples with kids, but if the choice was mine, I'd be home playing console games every waking moment of my life, and that my friends is why I don't father as much as I should. Am I a bad father? by all means, no. Am I as structured and family oriented as this journalist? No. There's nothing "wrong" with getting the kids a Wii and I don't think thats what he said. For him it worked out better that he didn't. His kids are still happy with what they have so no reason to jump steps and pull out the big guns. He's obviously not that interested in the Wii so power to him. My gaming habits have been a thorn my marriage and career life and I don't think I am a minority. Sure I spend time with my family and work 8 hours a day but thats about all I dedicate. I still cram an easy 40 hours of gaming in a week. (3-4 hours on weekdays and god knows how much on weekends) I dare say anyone who spends more than 10-20 hours a week on games are investing more time in them than work, school, or family. I am not ashamed of my gaming habits. I've come to accept them and enjoy them for what they are, I'm just not going to justify them by slamming someone who chooses not to be ensnared by how fun and addicting they can be.

So thank you mister Chris O'Brien, for inspiring me to take more control of my family life and my childs developement.


The Rock Band Network's Very Naughty Words
Comment by: Edfire77
Nominated by: Gyaruson

Improper use of "God" will get you banned. Improper use of "Allah" will get you KILLED


Mass Effect 2 Is Latest EA Game To Sweeten The Deal For "Original Purchasers"
Comment by: Chirotera
Nominated by: James Henderson

This is always a concern but you have to remember that companies, even gaming ones, are always in it for the money. If they are not turning a profit they are not making money, and thus, will be unable to release more of the products you come to love.

With used game sales as they are, and the piracy numbers (I hesitate to includes these because things could go either way as to their effect on the industry), I see DLC tactics such as this a necessary evil.

So long as we don't see anymore horse armor, I will continue to buy DLC that looks to improve my gaming experience for a particular title, even if that DLC is available only on launch day. Of course, when it's free on launch day, I find little basis for complaint.

Either way, it seems to be EA's model moving forward, so as much as it might annoy you, you're probably going to have to buck up and just go with the flow.


Blizzard Worth $7 Million In 1995, $7 Billion In 2007
Comment by: Curse lily
Nominated by: Showmeyomoves!

God damn it. I should've bought Blizzard back when i had the money, instead i spend it all on POGS.


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