Modern Warfare 2 PC Multiplayer Capped At 9v9
Comment by: Leanid
Nominated by: deanbmmv

I'm sad to see how apathetic and little sympathy many console gamers have.

PC gaming is more important than a lot of console gamers, and people in the industry today, give it credit for.

PC gaming was the backbone of Western gaming; Western games are PC games. Everyone celebrates the creativity, ingenuity, or originality of this generations' developers, but upon closer inspection many of these developers and games were closely tied with PC gaming in its beginning.

Pretty much the entire FPS genre has been ripped straight from the PC to consoles. Console FPS games this generation resemble something like Quake more than Goldeneye. Many of the biggest games in the genre this generation had their roots on the PC (and Mac in the case of Halo).

Western RPGs, which has also become popular this generation, was kept alive and thrived on the PC while JRPGs flooded the console market.

Online multiplayer, which has become so important this generation, was pioneered on the PC.

In the long run, PC gaming losing relevance is bad for everyone, not just PC gamers. The PC provides an environment that supports the development of new ideas and is suitable for smaller developers because of it's almost non-existent barriers of entry. People complain about PC gaming needing to purchase video cards, but fail to recognize that those purchases help test and fund further improvements. You could go so far as to say that PC gamers help subsidize the graphical improvements consoles get. The console environment stifles creativity and innovation; it's driven too much by profit. See the Japanese market and the issues around stagnation. PC gaming has been around just as long yet it didn't face that problem to the same degree until formerly PC games abandoned the platform in favour of consoles.

Now the question is this: after everything that can be taken from the PC has been took, and PC gaming is truly dead, will the Western console market face the same dilemma that the Japanese are facing today?

The complexity of PC gaming isn't a negative, and I'm surprised so many self-proclaimed "hardcore gamers" see it as such. Having to learn a little bit about the platform to enjoy it means that only those that care about gaming will become gamers; in essence all PC gamers are hardcore gamers in the truest sense. With all the talk about how Nintendo casuals are ruining gaming (which is total bullshit by the way) one would think that console gamers would recognize that they're doing exactly what they claim casuals would do, which is killing "gaming".


No Doubt Sues Activision Over Band Hero Likeness [Update]
Comment by: PixellatedViscera
Nominated by: Quipp

Press release from Activistion:

"Excuse Me, Mr.? Don't Speak about things that you know not of. It's a Tragic Kingdom we're living in where a company such as ours can be caught in the Spiderwebs of lies perpetrated by someone who, let's face it, is Just A Girl. We're tired of Running from these types of accusations and, moving forward, any potential litigants better have a Hella Good reason for starting stuff with us. Don't forget what makes the World Go Round - money. We've got it, and it's Too Late to spread a Comforting Lie till you're Blue In The Face.

We'd better End It On This. Hope you're Happy Now. "

Blizzard Starts Selling In-Game World Of Warcraft Pets
Comment by: Kualtek
Nominated by: UltimatePancakeSensation

I must have missed the memo where all content past the $60 original fee and $15 AGREED UPON monthly fee for servers should be free? These cosmetic pets do not improve any stat or strength of a character. They are 100% optional. Money still does not buy you skill or character strength (legitimately, anyways).

Blizzard has always and continues to provide free content on a regular update schedule. I don't think Blizzard has become anything they were not before. At the end of the day employee time costs Blizzard money and they are well within their rights to put a cost on any content they feel deserves payment.

It seems like there is a new millennium version of 'keeping up with the neighbors' going on. If someone else has this pet, I need to have it too! It costs $10?! This is some kind of outrage! Que petition and/or mindless hate and 'speaking for the community'.


Latest Wiimote Attachment: Baby
Comment by: Eltigro
Nominated by: Pezdispenser

I see a lot of sequels to this:
Toddler and Me
Kindergartner and Me
Tween and Me
Teenager and Me
Kid Who is Old Enough to get a Job and Me
When is He Moving Out and Me
I Want An Empty Nest and Me
I'm Too Old for this Shit and Me
What Do You Mean You're Pregnant and Me
Is He Going to Marry You and Me (but not me, just you)
Baby and Me II


Why Games Should Have a Few More Senior Moments
Comment by: Thut
Nominated by:

Most action games follow traditional epic story lines, which, discounting immortal-types, featured old folks in more of supporting roles (sages and guides).

It simply reflects true human nature. It has been postulated that the average age of the people who built Stonehenge, for instance, was around 24-26.

Also, you're more likely to have your life-defining moments and challenges in early-mid adulthood. These "great adventures" are typically the ones that bear enough significance to provide purpose to a game. How common is it to begin your adventure in your late 60s, and just what kind of adventure could there even be?

As for old people as objects of desire, what about Kings and Queens? The amount of sacrifices made in the name of an old ruler may not be too popular in current games, but that is simply because of individualism and our culture's dismissal of monarchies, not or lack of reverence to the elderly.

Saving a young person will always inherently carry more weight than saving an older one, simply because you are "saving more potential life." Young people may also serve as more aesthetically pleasing "trophies," for obvious natural reasons.

Still, this is an interesting subject. And as the player base continues to age, I'm sure we'll see more prominent roles for the elderly.


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