Blizzard Starts Selling In-Game World Of Warcraft Pets

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It was only a matter of time. Blizzard has just put up a pair of in-game pets for World of Warcraft for sale on the Blizzard Store. Would you pay $10 for a Pandaren Monk or a baby Kel'Thuzad?


The two new non-combat pets now available for purchase at the Blizzard Store represent the first time actual in-game items could be purchased directly with real money outside of the World of Warcraft game proper. Lil' K.T. is a chibi version of everyone's favorite undead agent of the Lich King, Kel'Thuzad, while the Pandaren Monk is a...Pandaren Monk. The pets run players $10 apiece, with half of the proceeds of every Pandaren purchase going towards the Make A Wish Foundation until December 31st, after which the kids can just make their own wishes come true.

Look for more pets to show up in the Pet Store in the coming months, and who knows? If this takes off, we could be witnessing the beginning of full-fledged World of Warcraft item store.


Introducing the Pet Store [WoW Forums via WoWHead]

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No. I'm not buying this. I have over 50 pets, and I'd like to get the 75 pet achievement, but not this way: I'm not buying my way to an achievement.

As far as the bigger picture goes: as long as Blizzard keeps this to non-combat pets and similar fluff, I don't really care. But if they start offering items that actually affect combat, then that will mark the end of my days playing WoW. #worldofwarcraft