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Valve Has Edited Version of Left 4 Dead 2 For Possible Release
Comment by: Sobersean
Nominated by: kearneybobs

Travelling in a fried-out kombi
I would be gaming, but I can't kill zombies
If the game's M rated, it makes them nervous
They'll take the game and ban it on purpose
And I said,

Do you come from a land down under?
Where gaming laws just make you wonder
To play a game you have to go undercover
Cause the Government is acting like your Mother.

Playing games with a man from Botany Bay
We were looking for a new game to play
I said, "Do you have L4Dead 2 in your land?"
He just frowned and said "Sorry mate it's been banned."

Do you come from a land down under?
Where gaming laws just make you wonder
To play games you have to go undercover
Cause the Government is acting like your Mother.

Gaming in a cafe in the Outback
With a copy of Risen disguised as a soundtrack
I said to the man "Do you have a firewall?
Because it's against the law to install."
And he said,

"Oh! Do you come from a land down under? (oh yeah yeah)
Where gaming laws just make you wonder
To play a game you have to go undercover
Cause the Government is acting like your Mother.


Is Metroid Prime The Citizen Kane Of Video Games?
Comment by: Kuciwalker
Nominated by:

The medium is too diverse to have a Citizen Kane analogue. Any one game can only influence a limited portion of the others, because some design decisions and art/plot decisions are simply not relevant *at all* to some genres.

By contrast, all movies share a common core of film techniques.

To Be Perfectly Clear, Epic Mickey Is Wii "Exclusive"
Comment by: (Zombie) D Mitsuki, Gotta have guts kid!
Nominated by: Sir-Lucius does anything for Dethkl

I remember a day, not to long ago, when footage for games like Shadow of the Colossus was shown. Everybody's jaw dropped, while being awe struck by the amazing colossi wondering a beautifully rendered world, all on the PS2.

The game was so beautiful, a lot of people made the assertion then and there that video games had become a true art form, and should be respected as such.

Funny thing is, apparently now something like that is ugly and nobody wants to have nothing of it. If something isn't keeping up with "modern technology" then it cannot look good, it automatically has to look horrible, and should be scorned. This tells me, and other people two things.

One, gamers do not appreciate the games they play for art. It's all a momentary thing. They are amazed by something one day, then the next it looks like crap because something with a better fill rate becomes along. Did artist all ditch painting tools with the advent of photoshop, and was all previously made art burned for its horribleness?

Two, games, no matter how much I would like to believe so, will most likely never become art. Art is timeless, and appreciated that way. I personally can go back and see the beauty in old games made, and new ones. But most people think that, and it's proven by a large consensus of commenters on this article, that as soon as something new comes along, everything else that is technically inferior should go die, and is unappealing to look at. With this type of user base behind it, games will never be able to become a respected art medium, because "SHIT IS GAY NEEDS BETTER PROCESSING POWER TO DO MORE TERAFLOPS OF CALCULATIONS SO THE EYE LOOKS MORE REAL"

Now the Fans Are Suing EA for Appearing in Madden
Comment by: fozfan33
Nominated by: Optimistic Prime

big dawg just wants the money back he wasted going to all these crap browns games...


Dragon Age: Origins Gets Day One DLC
Comment by: rpm285sm
Nominated by: BryanH

I've never heard of a developer who has ever, even after putting out DLC, produced a game as it was "intended." They always want to do more, add more, tweak this and that. If we waited till they put out the perfect game we'd be waiting forever. Eventually they have to decide that they've told the main story they were trying to tell, the gameplay is good, and that they've got all the extra content in there that they reasonably can. Eventually, they have to get paid for the hundreds or thousands of hours of work they put into the game. DLC gives them the option to keep adding extra content after the release date deadline has been reached. The key word here is "extra." This is content that they decided wasnt necessary to the enjoyment of the game but thought that it'd be cool to have in there. Often, it's content that was created well after the game was "finished" but it could be content that was left of the proverbial cutting room floor that they came back to and polished up for public consumption. Either way, this is content that you normally would not get because that deadline where they have to have a finished product exists. And they need to finance that extra development time on the extra content with extra revenue from the consumer.

Another way to think of it would be that the dev team had a limited budget and a limited amount of time and they had to decide whether that budget/time would be better spent on improving the content they already have/that ends up on the disk or if they should spend the time/money on more secondary/tertiary content ie content that ends up as DLC. So another way to look at it is that they make a better final product instead of trying to cram every idea they have into the retail product in the same amount of time with the same budget. Or you can change the thinking to being an infinite amount of time and an infinite development budget but one that would increase the time you'd be waiting for the game and increase the retail price of said game to compensate.

Regardless, the developer made a decision, what comes on the disk IS what "should have been in the box" and either it's worth the price to you or not. It's ok if it's not, but stop acting like content they didnt put in the game is content you are somehow entitled to. That's like saying that you were ripped off when you went to see the LOTR movies in the theater because the DVDs you bought have deleted scenens in them and that you will now only watch movies once they've come to DVD with the deleted scenens added. It's extra content that is not part of the product you are being sold, you have no right to content that is not in the box when you purchase it, especially if they havent even made it yet.

You can buy it later but they didnt cheat you or rip you off in any way. If they'd waited to tell you about this DLC for a month that wouldnt have changed the way they produced it, it would just change how you percieve it. As far as waiting till the price drops, that's fine, it's your right to make that decision as a consumer. The higher price I pay is for the priviledge of playing that content, both the retail game and the DLC, sooner. That's always true of games, the price always goes down over time so you can always choose to wait on the experiance and save money. Most people decide they'd rather have it now than some time in the future.


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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

D's comment brought a tear to my eye. It also made me sad, because it means among the coretards, graphicwhoring is still alive and well.

I'd play Bioshock and Demon Souls in a MUD format, because it's the gameplay that gets me, not the 'hurr it's so shiny' stuff.

Remember, graphics whores helped Sega and 15 other developers/publishers think sinking multi-millions of dollars into FMV games in the mid-90's was the way to go. But hey, Tom Cat Alley won 'Game of the Year" from some long forgotten game awards show, so it was well worth it..right?