PlayStation Network Gets Its Own Reality Show In 'The Tester'
Comment by: coyote12
Nominated by: _Hayko

LOL QA Testing is a dream job? Maybe for the naive and the slow kids.

I like how the industry keeps up the myth that QA leads to better jobs in the industry. Sure is some cases it does and you may move up in a company but that is the exception not the rule.

Most companys lay off their testers after a year is up to avoid paying your health insurance and most of that year is spent working for a temp agency hired out that you really work for.

I did that job for a while and it sucks. People that think it must be great I tell them to go to the store and pick out what you think is the worst game there, buy it and play it for a week straight 8 - 12 hours a day. If you think that is fun or a "dream Job" then by all means you can be a tester.

If you really want a dream job in the industry then go to school. Learn Marketing, Programming or 3d Art and animation. One of those 3 skill will get you a good job in the industry. Not testing games.

Most companies would hire monkeys to test games if they could get them to stop flinging poo at each other long enough. Yet at the same time most testing environments resemble and smell like a bunch of monkey's work there. Go figure.


Sony Thanks Its Customers With PSN Ads
Comment by: pandafresh
Nominated by: geiko

dude my SPAM totally has better textures on my 360.

Are You 20-Something Years Old? Do You Want To Love A Game Character?
Comment by: Slanzinger
Nominated by: Showmeyomoves!


Nah, as far as I know, metrosexual still means people try to make it sound manly. So they have a MANbag, wear MANscara and go through MANstruation.

Although the latter probably means they should go and see a doctor.

What Do You Think Of PS3 Firmware 3.0?
Comment by: patapon
Nominated by: (Zombie) Neteher

Spider man, spider man
Doing whatever a spider can

Firmware 3, Firmware 3,
No cross-game voice chat for me

Weekend Talk Amongst Yourselves
Comment by: HarlequinRiot
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There's definitely stagnation in the gaming industry in my opinion. Everyone is trying to innovate in a very limited rule set. Gaming is entering it's blockbuster period, which means big cash but little substance. Even games that are claimed to have great story/acting, generally really don't when compared with other art forms. The industry needs to rethink what a game can be and use all this amazing technology to make new experiences that may not be so stratified as "this is you, go here, do x, listen to y". Gaming needs it's Moby Dick or its Brothers Karamazov, as its Citizen Kane's come every few years. I feel like games right now are stuck in the spectrum between game and art, and it's an awkward middle ground. A current dev needs to step adn define just where the endpoints are. There's no problem with the middle ground but when people create there without realizing there's so much potential surrounding them, they make confused products.

I don't want it to sound like games now are bad, they most certainly aren't. In fact, the overall quality is pretty great and many people are doing very interesting things. I just think that gaming is an art that has plateaued within the last five or so years and needs a creative kick in the pants.


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