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Are You 20-Something Years Old? Do You Want To Love A Game Character?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Konami Digital Entertainment polled 500 Japanese men to find out.

Questions asked include things like if they thought of themselves as a herbivore male (Almost 64 percent said yes!) or whether they enjoyed in-game romance (42 percent said affirmative).

The grass eater term was coined by a Japanese columnist to describe effeminate young Japanese men who are less interested in, say, dating the opposite sex.


Konami's poll — if you are one to believe Konami polls — seems to indicate a significant interest in video game characters: One in five Japanese males polled stated that they have felt like falling in love with an in-game character.

Ten in ten Japanese females said this was creepy. Kidding!

20代男性の5人に1人、「ゲームの人物と恋愛したい」 [エキサイトニュース]