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The royal we have updated our PS3. There are little things we've noticed, little things we like, little things we don't. What about you?


Things that stuck out: More sparkly, less smokey. New PS3 logo. No more Spider-Man PLAYSTATION logo when you start up a game. We kind of miss that! It had an awesome jingle chime. We love that jingle chime. It relaxes us.

The interface seems, I dunno, a little more cluttered? There's more emphasis on the PSN store — which is now the default for games, instead of, you know, the game you put in the machine. Putting the PSN Store as the default makes sense only to the PSN Store, not to players. (Can this be turned off or changed?) And then there's that friend's list and background blur. Hello headache town!

One thing we dig: New loading icon with a little clock hand in there. Much better than that pulsating blob in the upper corner! That always used to freak us out.

I'm sure we'll all get used to this, slowly, bit by bit, you and me, together.

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